Monday, October 25, 2010

Job Hunting is like Fishing.

In this day & time, not having a job is more crucial than you think. Because looking for a job in your related field can be more difficult than you think, sort of like having the right bait to catch fish with. You have to know the the right lake,or pond, the weather also. In job hunting you have to find out who's hiring & who's not. First use your resources, customer's,clients,other vendors, or competitors. Then there's that resume, (tackle box), that needs to be loaded with your best qualifications, skills,credentials, references, & history. Just like the tackle box with you're strongest line,best arsenal of tackle, & fresh live bait. Then there's the Job Markets, like the bait stores, you have to pay in advance before they will help you at checkout, & you haven't caught anything yet. Once loaded up & on the water ready to cast, don't forget about the Recruitors, who want to help & guide you to that perfect high paying job, & want to charge you in advanced, for a whole year's worth of deep sea fishing. Evidently they have never been on Un-employment, which doesn't pay that much for a family to get by on. What ever happened to helping out your fellow man. Seriously,if you helped me land that high paying job, or catch that World Record bass, I would be more than happy to pay you double you're price, or let you mount that trophy on your wall. P.S. ( If anyone is hiring in the Generator / Switchgear Power Industry, please feel free to give me a call)!!!!